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Richa Garg

Nutritionist in Rohini, Delhi, India 

Arogyam Nutrition is a Delhi based Nutrition and wellness Clinic started in 2009 with the name of Arogyam nhealth and wellness centre by Dr. Richa Garg (Founder) with the team of only two peoples. Now we have spreaded our wings to Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh with a team of more then 15 peoples. Till now more than five thousand clients joined with us to transform their lives. Our approach is national as well as International through our online diet programs. Here at Arogyam Nutrition we are guiding people to Transform their lives through balanced eating and healthy lifestyle. Arogyam is a Sanskrit word which means diseases free?. Arogyam nutrition program is full of knowledge so that you may experience and even maintain a higher sense of wellbeing in your body and a better sense of harmony with your surroundings. It accounts for the fact that every human being is unique and an ever-evolving entity whose nutritional needs change with every phase in life. That season, location, stresses, lifestyle, attitude, family, work, friends, everything plays an important role in deciding what your body needs at a given time. ?About Dr. Richa? Grag? and her Team: Dr. Richa Garg is ? a nutritionist and wellness consultant,? with an experience of more than 10 years. Her Thoughts and ideology are very positive. Her approach towards health is totally synchronized with nature. She is nature loving person strongly believes in Ayurveda along with Nutrition science . FEW OF HER QUOTES ARE : * ?Health is not about the Weight you lose, but about the life you gain. * Nutrition is not just about eating, it's about learning to Live. * No matter how long you have travelled in the wrong Direction, you always have the choice to turn around. ? She herself follows the regime which she expects from clients. She has a very Clean and simple diet made up of scratch. Following Dincharya rules according to ?vedic? text as far as possible. Morning Detoxification with water. ? A 60 minutes yoga practice at least 6 days a week and aerobics exercise is her another food for body and soul. she tries to keep herself fit and positive by healthy thoughts, lot of subject reading, discussions and through media. She strongly believe in Ayurvedic Panchkarma therapies to destress, detoxify and to make the body strong. Due to her keen interest and mind bent towards Ayurveda, we have started Panchkarna Therapies in March 2017. Dr. Richa spends a lot of time in consultations, the discussions are not limited to the subject (diet) only, she touches all aspects of individual health to counsel. She believes in cosmic energy-
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