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  • Janu Basti : Panchkarma Therapy for Knee pain

    In Detox On 08 March 2019

      The Knee joint is one of the most crucial joint in human body which is bearing whole body weight and stressed while uphill climbing or stair climbing. Thus it’s important to ensure that it is in perfect condition. An early sign like crackling voice is the best stage to reverse Knee damage. Later on, Swelling, Stiffness, Pain, Redness, Burning sensation may happen as a result of negligence. Introduction :     In Ayurveda –Janu Basti is a therapy Recommended for Knee pain. The term Janu Basti is derived from two words Janu Means – Knee Basti Means – to Hold There is medicated warm oil that’s retained on the Knee joint surface to nourish the joint and reduces Inflammation. Procedure of Therapy: • The person is made to lie on his back on massage table. • Janu Basti Yantra (a Ring like structure) is being fixed on knee with the help of gram flour dough. • After ensuring the ring is leak-proof the lukewarm medicated oil or herbal decoction is slowly poured into it and a gentle massage is given by Therapist with thumb. • When oil cools down, it is again replaced with warm oil and the process is being repeated again and again. • At the end of the process the ring is removed gently and affected area may be gently massaged including thighs and lower legs and the person is advised to take rest for a short while. • Janu Basti can be clubbed with other therapies like Patra Pind Swedan , Matra Basti or Churan Pind Swedan depending upon personal requirement . Duration of Therapy: 30-40 minutes for Janu Basti , duration may increase if the therapy is clubbed with some other therapy mentioned above. Continue for 7 days to 14 days depending on vikruti. Benefits of Janu Basti : • Relieves pain in the Knee joints. • Relieves stiffness in the Knee Joint. • Relieves swelling and inflammation in the Knee joint. • Brings lightness and a sense of health in the Knee and legs. • Improves Movements of the Knee joints and enable us to move and work freely. • Strengthens the Knee joints and the related structures soothes the nerves supplying the knee joints and the surrounding muscles. • Enhance blood supply to the Knee joints and soft tissues around to nourish it well. In other words, it rejuvenates knee joint. Indications : • Osteoarthritis ( Sandhigat Vata ) of Knee Joints . • Arthritis of Knee Joint. • Chronic Pain in Knee due to some old Injury. • Sports Persons can take this therapy for prevention • A person who starts running or jogging in later years of life is susceptible for knee injuries. For strengthening of knee joint this therapy can be taken. Probable Mode of Action: Aggravation of Vata element – is the main cause of pain anywhere in boby .This leads to depletion and degeneration of tissues. And oil is the best medium to pacify Vata element along with herbs and as a result we get all above mentioned benefits of this therapy. To Sum up : Janu Basti is the most safe and secure procedure for acute or chronic Knee pain without any risk of side effect . The beauty of the treatment is that it can even be performed on healthy individuals health freaks and sports persons for prevention. If you have occasional Knee pain or abnormal feeling while Jogging or Playing , You would be having a platform for a more serious problem . If you have sedentary life style, If you are Overweight or Obese or having family history of Osteoarthritis then you can choose this Therapy as prevention along with other Measures. It can be taken Occasionally, Say once / twice a month. So whenever knee is seeking attention-  Think Janu Basti . Disclaimer: All the Information provided here is only for the purpose of education and awareness. It is not intended to Diagnose, or treats anything. Always consult registered practitioner to get the right advice.

  • 8 Golden rules to Prevent Kidney Disease By Dr Richa garg

    In Expert Diet Tips On 18 March 2019

    Prevention is always better than Cure As we all are already aware about this famous quote. So keeping this concept in my mind, sharing few tips to prevent Kidney diseases. These are the general guidelines which everyone needs to follow but if someone is having major Kidney issues (CKD), then they need to follow spefic diet plan and lifestyle. It may vary depending on the person conditions. 

  • Kati Basti – Traditional Treatment for Low Backache

    In Detox On 25 March 2019

    Ayurveda’s unique treatment for various aliments related to the lower back and spine. Kati – means waist Basti – means to retain (Oil pooling treatment for low Backache) The treatment involves retention of medicated warm oil over the affected area of spine for a certain period, to tackle all types of back pain Sciatica, Spondylitis and also to cure disc prolapse. Kati Basti is suitable in following conditions:- Sciatica Chronic Back pain Lumbar Spondylosis Lumbar Spondylitis Slip Disc Muscle sprain around Backbone Degenerative ( age Related ) Changes Preventive treatment to avoid back problems along with exercise. Procedure: – The Patient is asked to come either empty stomach or after 2-3 hour of meal as for this procedure patient has to lie on his stomach. The patient is asked to lie face down on table. Therapist prepares tough dough made of black gram powder to make circular boundary in lumbosacral area. Sometimes acrylic ring is also being fixed to increase the height of pool. Warm medicated oil based on individual prakriti (constitution) and vikriti (pathogenesis) is poured in to ring and allowed to stand there. The Temperature of oil is maintained by reheating and continuously adding more oil. The process is repeated till 30-45 min once. This part of procedure is over. The affected area may be gently massaged followed by a steaming (medicated) for 10 min for better absorption of medicine. Sometimes the therapy is combined with patra pind Swedan (Hyperlink) and Matra Basti also for Better results.   Duration of therapy – 45 min to 1 hour for single session. Continue for 7 days to 21 days depending on severity of problem. Mode Of Action: The hot medicated oils helps melt lower spine rigidity, make it more flexible and strengthen bone tissue. The healing properties of herbal oils used for therapy deeply nourish and detoxify the muscles, bones and connective tissue. The procedure increases Blood circulation of affected area which stimulates healing and Reduces Inflammation. Also it builds strong musculature to maintain normal curvature of spine. Benefits of kati basti: Alleviates numbness due to sciatic nerve compression & most types of low-back  pain. Strengthens back muscles which maintain normal curvature of the spine the bone tissues. Increases the circulation in the region & highly effective in inflammatory conditions. Kati Basti alleviates lower back conditions like Lumber Spondylosis, Inter vertebral disc prolapses, Lumbago (low back ache), and Sciatica. Strengthens the joints, muscles and soft tissues around and enables you to resume back your work and activities. To Sum up: Kati Basti is the most safe, secure and non invasive procedure for acute or chronic Back pain without any risk of side effect. The beauty of the treatment is that it can even be performed on healthy individuals, health freaks and sedentary corporates for prevention. It can be taken occasionally, say once / twice a month. Disclaimer: All the Information provided here is only for the purpose of education and awareness. It is not intended to diagnose, or treats anything. Always consult registered practitioner to get the right advice.

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