Mango and Myths

Mango and Myths

By Richa Garg  on: 03 August 2017
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Finally, the myths around those innocent mangoes have been busted. Consuming a portion controlled 100 gms of fresh mango stabilizes the blood sugar. So as always portion size control plays a vital role in letting the Mango effect your sugar and insulin levels.


Recent study published in Nutrition and Metabolic insights mango contains fiber that allows only a small absorption of sugar into blood stream.


For the foods or fruits to be categorized fit for Diabetic or people with insulin imbalance measuring rod is the Glycemic Index.

Glycemic Index determines how fast the particular food will spike your blood sugar.

Glycemic Index of 55 or below is considered low.

Glycemic Index of 56 to 69 is considered moderate.

Glycemic Index of 70 and above is considerate high.

The lower the GI, more slowly will the blood sugar level rise. Good news for mango lovers the Glycemic Index of Mango is 51 that is comparable to that of the papaya. So rest assured the half cup of Mango blended mango shake without sugar is adding only nutrition to your body and not at all impacting your blood sugar. Add some nuts and seeds to your glass of shake that will further reduce the Glycemic Index and increase the protein content.

A big slice of mango approx. 100 gms also ensures minimum impact on your blood sugar levels.

Mangoes are a very good source of Vitamin A and C. The fiber they hold is that what is found in oatmeal.


Ayurveda and Mangoes

We have beautiful explanation in our Vedic scriptures about mangoes


as the Sanskrit Shloka says, Ripe Mango is best fruit to eat.

Its sweet in taste, acts as aphrodisiac, gives stamina to body, good for your heart, good in Vata dosha diseases, makes the skin glowing and lustrous, improves digestive fire, coolant, and increases the quantity and quality of semen also.

Its a rule that mango should be ripe by itself on tree, not with chemical and organic Mango is best one now a days

Now all those who were scared mangoes and mango shakes(a compatible combination of Milk and mango according to Ayurveda) are free to add them to their summer routine.


KEY: Portion control is the key to enjoy it without affecting your sugar and insulin levels.



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WHITE  Foods in white group are bananas, cauliflower, garlic, ginger, mushrooms, onions and potatoes. White foods contain anthoxanthins, which may lower blood pressure and cholesterol.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RED Foods in red group are red apples, beets, cherries, pink grapefruit, red grapes, red peppers, red potatoes, strawberries, tomatoes and watermelon. Red foods contain lycopene, which may reduce prostate cancer risk..  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GREEN Foods in green group are green apples, artichokes, avocados, asparagus, broccoli, green beans, cucumbers, green grapes, peas, lettuce, limes, green pepper, spinach and zucchini and so on.Green foods contain chlorophyll to prevent anaemia Some contain lutein, which combined with zeaxanthin -- found in grapes, corn, red pepper, egg yolks and oranges -- may reduce cataracts. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORANGE Foods in orange group and in yellow group are, apricots, butternut squash, carrots, grapefruit, lemons, nectarines, mangoes, oranges, peaches, pears, yellow peppers, pineapple,pumpkins, corn, sweet potatoes and  Orange/yellow foods contain carotenoids, which help with eye health, reduce the risk of some cancers, help prevent heart disease and improve your immune system.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PURPLE Foods in purple group are blackberries, blueberries, plums, eggplant, figs, purple grapes, prunes and raisins. Purple foods contain anthocyanins, which are antioxidants that protect your cells from damage. Blueberries, in particular, can help with memory loss due to aging.    
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Arogyam a Sanskrit word which means  "diseases free". Arogyam program is full of  knowledge so that you may experience and even maintain  a higher sense of wellbeing in your body and a better sense of harmony with your surroundings. It accounts for the fact that every human being is unique and an ever-evolving entity whose nutritional needs change with every phase in life. That season, location, stresses, lifestyle, attitude, family, work, friends, everything plays an important role in deciding what your body needs at a given time.We like to call my nutrition program "Arogyam program" because of the  belief that being overweight is itself a disease moreover if you are carrying high blood sugar uric acid or disturbed lipid profile etc you are not a disease free person .  All these can be corrected along with weight with disciplined diet &lifestyle modifications. As you can make out, its not a 'weight-loss' program, if at all, have to label it, it is a 'complete health program. It will educate you to make intelligent choices about food and exercise, taking into account your lifestyle and your fitness goals, and will keep you young in your body and sharp in your mind. Will you lose weight with Arogyam program ? Yes, as a by-product with complete fitness. And what about workout? Its non-negotiable. You have to move your body, choose your way-gymming, running, Yoga, yor choice! We will help you with how and when.Established in the year 2009, Arogyam Health & Wellness Centre is involved in providing solutions for Weight Management and Lifestyle Related Disorders.We are providing wellness programs for   [*]      Weight Management[*]      Weight management with Diabetes[*]      Weight management with Dyslipidemia           [*]      Weight management with PCOD/PCOS[*]      Weight management with Hypothyroidism[*]      Weight management with Hyperuricemia[*]      Pre & Post Natal  weight & health management Program[*]      Pre Marital Wellness Program The wellness programs are provided by our trained professionals after taking detailed medical, family and nutritional history. Further, while designing the particular programs we take care of following[*]     Body constitution according to Vedic science[*]     Age and gender[*]     Medical background[*]     Food likes and dislikes[*]     Present routine (diet and lifestyle)[*]     Ritual & Cultural factors[*]     Professional limitations[*]     Blood Group.[*]     Climate and seasons[*]     The special highlights are healthy options while eating out, healthy socialising, healthy grocery shopping list etc. We are aware of a famous saying that "Health is Wealth". In today's fast paced, hectic and stressed life we normally tend to forget these golden words. We tend to neglect our health and unknowingly adopt unhealthy eating habits and fall prey to the unhealthy lifestyle. To remain happy one has to be healthy and fit, we are here to guide you to achieve the goal of your good health and wellness.A little bit of discipline in eating habits and proper diet, we can maintain our health and enjoy our life to the full extent. As per vedic sciences, the human body needs a balance between the three fundamental doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) that help in preserving health. In order to achieve this balance, it is essential to opt for a healthy lifestyle that assists you in eliminating impurities from your body and gives prominence to eating the right kind of foods, at the right time and in the right manner.No matter what stage of your life you may be in, it is never too late to take a forward step towards wellness. It has been seen that people who have embraced healthy diet and eating habits into their lifestyle and have altered their daily routines for the better are experiencing a complete & healthy assimilation of their mind, body and soul. According to Vedic scriptures, every individual has unique needs for balance. Since diet is one of the most important tools for achieving balance, we generally design individualized diets . analysing suitings , non suitings, food intolrances specific to a person and preparing guidelines for after program document . Notwithstanding the individualized approach to choosing foods for balance, there are some universally applicable principles that are important to follow.  PROGRAM GUIDELINES          As you enroll for the Arogyam wellness Program a few guidelines are expected to be followed by you. This will certainly enable achievement of the results that you so dearly wish to attain. Each program will independently deliver results. Success would depend on the complete adherence to the program guidelines. Contact through Email /phone/personal will be maintained throughout the course of the respective Program. Progress will be asked for from the individual undergoing the Program and also analysed through repeated investigations. Each member on the program needs to undergo a Lifestyle and Habit Analysis, Medical Examination Feedback and Input Analysis to attain target weight and biochemical parameters. The Programs provide the user a way of losing weight effectively and maintain health parameters by Combination of Foods, and kitchen herbs and lifestyle modifications. Consumption of recommended foods during the program is essential to maintain nutritional adequacy. The program does not involve the use of any drugs, surgery, liposuction, body wrap or deep heat which are considered harmful in the long run. Arogyam reserves the right to alter/ change/ substitute the program contents. In case the member fails to achieve the desired target weight loss, it is mainly because of due to deviations from the program guidelines by the member or due to some medical issues. Therefore all possible care should be taken to follow the Program in toto. Clinic will retain the members photograph if taken, for record purposes only. Such photographs will not be used for publicity/promotion activities without explicit written consent of the member.   
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