Frequently Asked Questions

Q:-1 How much will I lose during the weight management program?

This varies significantly between individuals. Our aim is for steady, progressive weight loss that can then be sustained.
The amount of weight you lose depends on many factors. This includes, but is not limited to, how much weight you need to lose, how receptive you are to plans, your age, and your activity level & your previous weight loss history.

The average weight loss is 2-3 Kg per month. However, depending on the above factors, many people are able to lose more also.

Q:-2  How long does the program take ?

This depends very much on how well you are able to keep to your eating plan and how much weight you need to lose, but a typical program would take between three to nine months.

Q:3  Why are the packages priced so high?

Cost comparisons are subjective. The amount of time we spend with each client (more than 3 hours of exclusive sessions per month), the emphasis on understanding the lifestyle and food likes-dislikes to come out with a long term eating plan and not a 'avoid this' plan, the lifelong education we strive to provide you on your specific nutrient requirements, how food helps you achieve fitness beyond weight loss and the thorough grounding in our food and wellness traditions makes our program unique and justifies the cost.

Q:-4 How will I get the diet plans and how often I need to check weight?

Ans: You can visit clinic for the diet plans as well as you can take the same over emails or phone. You need to take your weight at an interval of 3-4 days.

Q:-5 What if I have to eat out during program?

Ans:- Our expert will suggest you some healthy options and tips for the outings which you can follow while eating out.

Q:- 6 Do I need to take any supplements for weight loss?

Ans:- We do not recommend supplements. 


Q:- 7  Is there any side effect of the program?

Ans:- It is totally scientific program, having good impact on general health.

Q:-8 Will I feel weak in any way?

Ans:- No, you will not feel weak, infact you will feel energetic, because you are loosing your load of weight, that will make you move faster. Most of our diets are based on the combination of various diets and not calorie counting diets, hence these are not starvation diets. So the quantity of food is unlimited, only the type is restricted.

Q:- 9 After program, how to maintain this lost weight?

Ans:- For maintenance you can opt for maintenance diet. This includes shifting from this weight loss diet to normal diet gradually.

Q:-10 What do I do after the program is over? How will I continue?

Ans: Since ours is more of an educational program, you will learn the basic pattern of eating as per your body's requirements and your lifestyle. During your active package, your diets will be changed frequently so that your body gets exposed to the maximum nutrients possible. You will be also be actively involved in planning your diets, so that will give you an understanding of your nutrient needs & how to tweak your diet (depending on your activity & lifestyle). By the end of your maintenance program, you will be in a position to plan your diets by yourself & carry on with a healthy eating pattern as a way of life. In addition, we provide you with a very important post-consultation document which is a summary of all your learnings during the program and guidelines to plan your meals in various situations. Besides, our relationship with our clients is a lifelong one and we are just a phone call or an email away in case there is any help you need.

Q:-11 Will there be any effect on the skin? Will I lose my glow or get wrinkles?

Ans:- No, there will be no side-effects on skin, in fact it will enhance the glow because nutrient content of diet is high. Since the rate of weight loss is slow, the skin has much elasticity to contract; it will not give you wrinkles. Yes, if you are beyond 60, it might show mild weight loss around your neck, but that is natural since the underlying fat is removed. But the elasticity of the skin is generally very good below the age of 50.


Q:- 12 Can I loose weight, if I am lactating?

Ans:- Weight loss can be started right after three months of your delivery under guidance of expert health care provider you can start diets and activity regime, according to the needs of body during this special phase of life.

Q:- 13 Can I go for the weight management program even if I have high blood pressure?

Ans:- Your B.P. could go down & you can do the program. If you are on any BP medicine, then after losing 8 to 10 kg it will come down. You need to consult your family physician on regular basis during the program. In all likelihood the program will make you reduce your dosage, as on the program your blood pressure will come down towards normal. This can help you in reducing your dosage of medicine or stop it completely & what else could be better than that.

Q:- 14 I have been exercising but have not lost weight - How will your program help me?

Ans:- Exercise is always used for increasing your metabolism, increasing your skin texture, improving your muscle tone, increasing vitamin update for avoiding depression. These are the reasons why one should exercise. Weight loss can be seldom achieved by vigorous exercise. You may have to exercise for at least an hour & half every single day, for one month to just knock of about 3 to 4 kgs. This is an impossible task for most people. Hence if you combine with sensible diet program along with active lifestyle, you could benefit by loosing at least ½-1kg per week.

Q:- 15 What If I do not lose weight immediately?

Ans:- Try inculcating these weight loss program rules and you won't have to worry again
Rule No. 1: Do not worry and have some faith
Rule No. 2: Do not expect miracles overnight, at least not healthy miracles. If you have put on weight over the last10 years, it can't disappear in 10 Days.
Rule No. 3: Give your body sometime to react. Ideally weight movement should happen after a week-and-a-half. Have faith in yourself. Stick to the meal plan and more importantly the exercise.
Rule No. 4: Ask yourself: Do I feel better? (and not do I look better). If the answer is Yes. Do not worry, the weight movement will happen.
Rule No. 5: The weight scales typically move faster than the person in the mirror. So give yourself four weeks before you get that sweet little comment from someone who cares and matters.

Q:-16 How successful are your programmes? 

While we can make no guarantees of success as much of this is in your hands, but we guarantee our process being scientific involving one of the best professionals in terms of knowledge. The fact that more than 90% of our new patients are recommended to us by former patients suggests that we are doing something right!


Q:-17 Why do I join Arogyam health/Weight Loss Programs?

1. It's Personalized For You 
Let us create a customized diet plan especially for you. Just fill out our History form and we'll give you easy-to-follow diet plans for each day and every meal that is based on your specific goals and body chemistry. 
Diet plan gives you the freedom of choosing the portion. You need to make sure that you do not eat to fill your stomach. We advise you to STOP eating when you feel that you can eat a little more and there is some space left in your stomach. 
Arogyam diet plan will give you healthy options while you are staying away from home for business meetings, holiday or for some other reason.
Your program will be designed in such a way that it can fit into your previous routine, so that your professional and social life will not be disturbed.

2. Professional Support as and when required
Our team of trained doctors is ready to answer all your questions and give you the extra motivation that you need. You can contact our doctors via a simple email/SMS or a phone call. The program teaches you how to change permanently those eating habits and lifestyle factors, such as lack of physical activity, that have contributed to weight gain. The program will provide long term strategies to deal with weight and other health problems you may have in future. These strategies might include things like setting a support system and establishing a physical activity routine. 

3. Your Privacy Is Important
We'll never share your personal information with anyone without your consent.

4. Only the Best Expert Opinion
Our fitness and nutrition experts have helped numerous celebrity clients to lose weight and get in shape.

5. Client satisfaction
It has already been proven on thousands of individuals who joined us. Let us help you to get to your goals as well. 
So now is the time to put your present image behind and get some change in your life. It's time to feel young, fit and lively from within. We assure you that you will see the change yourself. It will reflect in your smile through your glowing skin, in the way you’ll walk, talk and the way people will look at you.

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