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Overweight and obesity:

Obesity is a chronic disease where there is accumulation of excess adipose tissue in the body leading to more weight than the desirable.  Excess body weight is a hindrance, leading to breathlessness on moderate exertion and predisposes a person to diseases like atherosclerosis , high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, osteoarthritis etc. 

Changes in human diet and activity pattern have had drastic effects on our health status , and overweight and obesity have emerged as major problems worldwide. It has drastically changed body composition, body shape and nutritional and health outcomes.

Obesity is multifaceted health problem that is the result of complex interactions of genes , environment and lifestyle.

One has often heard the phrases' the longer the belt, the shorter the life span. "

Excess weight (obesity) can be dangerous. . It involves inconvenience and  also decreases the efficiency of the person, beside subjecting the heart to undue stress.So weight loss is important

Based upon your height and weight below given in BODY MASS INDEX. Its a criteria to categorise weight. To learn how to calculate pls watch HOW TO CALCULATE BMI

BMI table






   18.5  –  22.99


   23.0  – 24.9

Pre- Obesity

   25  -  29.9

Obesity Grade 1

   30.0 – 34.9

Obesity Grade 2

   35.0 – 39.9

Obesity Grade 3 (MORBID OBESITY)














In order to weight loss and fat content we are providing Dietary counselling or consultation .

It  should be actually replaced with Education in our system. Our discussions go even beyond the routine calorie counting, portion size, tracking weight protocol, Instead you track down your eating habits, food blunders, cheats, behavior towards food in different situations, sleeping pattern, and workout etc. We will educate you how food and lifestyle is affecting your health, performance and quality of life.

We simply work at witnessing your journey in to a fitter, leaner, more grooming and more aware individual who understands that fitness (and weight loss too) can only be achieved by dancing your brain on tune of stomach. weight loss is your effort that we count and results follow, without being chased.

 If the right type of food is consumed at right time with positive mind bent, then body reacts positively only. A body requires nature's store house of energy and healing power i.e. nourishing food, herbs (nature's medicines) a healthy and positive bent of mind and appropriate life style modifications.

The Weight Management Program (weight loss) offers customized weight management or weight loss plans including weight loss techniques, dietary plans, physical activities, behavior modification as well as educational follow ups . Research has shown that combining a variety of weight loss and management techniques increases a person's chance of long-term success in weight management/ weight loss. Our goal is to help you in adapting and maintaining a healthy eating habits & lifestyle along with knowledge of various foods and recipes for weight loss.

In our weight loss program, the methods suggested by us are purely medicine free.

 Our weight loss advisory is scientific after analyzing the-

  • Medical background
  • Current nutritional  status
  • Level of physical activity (Consumption of energy)

Personalized Program for weight loss

This is a comprehensive weight loss program that emphasizes healthful food, kitchen herbs, super foods ,modified lifestyle, inclusion of physical activities, psychological support to promote long-term weight loss and health management.

The Weight Loss program includes:

  • Regular implementation of dietary plans.
  • Formal assessment of weight and follow-up including review and analysis of the  food journal, nutrition education and physical activity.


Weight loss plan is designed for people who are:

  • Overweight
  • Obese
  • Higher body fat percentage

Age group of participants for weight loss:

The weight loss program / Obesity Management  is suitable for all ages (except infants and toddlers). Regular Program can be started beyond 10 years of age. Below 10 years only OTC (one time consultation ) is sufficient.

Obesity is a chronic disease where there is accumulation of excess adipose tissue in the body leading to more weight than the desirable.  Excess body weight is a hindrance, leading to breathlessness on moderate exertion and predisposes a person to diseases like atherosclerosis , high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, osteoarthritis etc.

We design a customized Weight Loss/ fat loss program . The weight loss program is designed by our experts after analyzing case history (BMI, Waist hip ratio, nutrition history, family history & lifestyle) and complete profile of biochemical parameters. After thorough analysis we advise you nutrition plans , behavior and exercise changes that are practical and easy to implement.

How the program will work-

It's a 4-stage process:

Stage 1

Pre-consultation stage-

(a) You will start by filling a 7-day diet recall sheet which will help us figure out your existing eating pattern, food likes- dislikes, nutrient & calorie intake. Also an activity recall for those 7 days so that we know exactly what your energy expenditure is and how it changes during the day.

(b) You will then get a pre-consultation documents(Do's and Don'ts and Health Mantras ) and starts you off with the basic lifestyle modifications. This ensures you can make the best use of your time spent before your first diet plan.

Stage 2-

Consultation stage-

Your first appointment will last anywhere between 1 to 1.5 hours. This appointment can be in person or on phone, as per your preference and location. A meal plan and an exercise prescription will be prepared with your full involvement. This will ensure that foods which you like eating are part of the meal plan. The whole idea is to cultivate an eating pattern that you can stay with for the rest of your life.

A little bit of planning, discipline and determination can make the process of change very easy. After this you will have an interaction once every week at your designated time and your meal plans will be altered once every  weeks, or as necessary. Throughout you will have phone and email support for all of your queries. Also, for all special occasions like travel, holiday, wedding, festivals, etc that fall during your program your meal plan will be customized.

Stage 3-

Maintenance stage-

We always need to maintain our achievements. And so we provide an effective and fruitful way to maintain your achievement towards your target weight. Our team of experts will slowly and gradually convert your do not into occasional dos. You will be provided cheat days. You will learn how to maintain the lost weight/ weight loss during tough times.


This is an additional program worth Rs 4100/- with a duration of four months.  (weight maintenance after weight loss)


Stage 4-

Post-consultation stage-

Regardless of the duration of your program we maintain a lifelong relation with you and provide you support anytime you need. We will follow you up weekly for one month after completion of program for queries and suggestions. You will feel connected still with the program and will build up confidence to maintain.

So now is the time to put your present image behind and get some amazing in your life. It's time to feel young, fit and lively from within. And you bet, it'll show you in your smile, in your confidence, in your transformed shape, through your glowing skin, in the way you will walk, talk and the way people will look at you.




Pricing Plans:


One more star Achiever from Arogyam Nutrition Family, who is successfully transformed himself into a completely Healthy and Positive Personality. 
Mr. Tarun Jain... 
Inspite of having a busy & hectic schedule, he was able to manage the diet and Lifestyle, the one driving factor was his Goal and Will power to achieve it.
He has left a marvelous review for us : https://goo.gl/maps/G1nDoxQ6jWJ2

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On: 04 Jul 2018

"Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it's about being better than you used to be."
So weight loss is not only about reducing your weight, it's about transforming yourself into the best version of yourself. Your health improvements, your nutritional requirements, your inch loss ... everything matters a lot. 
Do not just focus on your weight....
Just like our Star Achiever "Mrs. Neha Mehta".....
She just not reduced her weight but also gained her health.
The issues which she was facing like Bad skin, energy levels etc has improved a lot now.
We hope she will successfully maintain her weight & health. 
Let's congratulate her !!!!

Stay Happy and Healthy
Arogyam Nutrition 

Call us @ +91-9212374230/ +91-8800679191
Visit us : arogyam.zest.md / weightadjust.com

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On: 29 Jun 2018

****************Mrs. Sapna Gupta************

*******Another Star Achiever of Arogyam*******

Let me introduce you first with our another star achiever , Mrs. Sapna Gupta. Who was initially very doubtful about the weight loss because she tried so many times but failed everytime.

Now this time, after loosing the weight she is very motivated towards achieving the target . She has reduced around 10 kg in just 2 months and still following the program to achieve the target. Along wth the weight loss , she is feeling more energetic and healthy from inside which is more important than the weight loss in our program because Arogyam's first priority is your health. We can feel the happiness of our client in the below written review by our Star Achiever on our page. Thanks a lot Sapna Mam for your valuable comments. Stay healthy and Happy. Have a look at her comment :

" Happy 2 join arogyam. I lost 10 kg in just 2 months and I gained my health. My energy levels increased and skin has also improved. I am getting compliments for loosing weight and getting prettier day by day. The health coordinators are very caring and will never let me starve. I had ample to eat but all was healthy and the best part is they were all according to my taste. Now I can wear all those outfits that I have waited for so long to wear. 
Arogyam journey is worth the money I spent. 
Thank u Arogyam"

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On: 16 Dec 2017

Dear Family, Today we are introducing one more personality------
Anurag Goel in Aaarogyam Family
He is very humble, soft spoken and a big dreamer. His dreams are very big for himself and wanted to completely rejuvenate himself..

He is a very motivated person started loosing weight from 138 kg and reached at 118 kg by his own efforts.
But further when he got stuck and stopped loosing weight.
Then he started the Aaarogyam program with a weight of 118.6 kg and in a span of just 5 months he is on 86.3 kg.
He is a businessman and belongs to Hisar ( Haryana).
Joined Aaarogyam fully on trust and has proved that rather than Distance it is Desire which matters.
Had high blood pressure with sleep problem.
But now all his medical issues are controlled, 

His mantra for this successful journey is ----
"If not now then when 
And if not me then whom"
Wish u a good luck and many congratulations .
Team Aaarogyam Wellness

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On: 10 Oct 2016


Mrs Chanda Gupta 


Dear Aaaogyam Wellness family , Today we would like to introduce Mrs Chanda Gupta, a live example who is maintaining her weight from 2013.

A beautiful and hardworking female of 41 years of age belonging to Haryana and running a garment store.

Joined us on 13 July 2012 at 69 kg of weight. In a span of 6 months lost 18 kg . 
The only fear of her was that my weight should not bounce.Completed the program on 12 Feb 2013 on a weight of 51 kg.

Accepting Obesity as a disease is the success of her maintaining weight.
Like after victory over a certain disease ,we have to definitely adopt it's preventive measures in our lifestyles or else disease will reoccur .

Mostly people after loosing weight, if will not have a cautious conscience on eating pattern and types, then definitely it would be difficult to maintain .

Nothing is permanent on this earth , so weight can be maintained permanently only when we will practice healthy eating.
This is an answer to all those who has fear of regaining . Practice healthy eating and live long , well and happily.
Hats off to you and keep it up Mam
Team Aaaogyam Wellness

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On: 06 Aug 2016

It is time to meet our new warrior, Mrs Smita Bansal ,aged 50 years, a house wife, from Delhi.

She was Obese also having frequent attacks of Migraine with severe Left Knee pain.

When showed to Orthopaedic doctor for knee problem ,was not able to get relief from the pain, then the Doctor  advised her to reduce Weight. 

From there she made a goal of achieving an Ideal Weight according to her Age and Height.Then started searching Weight Loss consultant on internet. 

Without any direct reference or word of mouth , purely trusting on the information provided on  our website,  she took a decision to  join Arogyam Wellness . 

She had full faith in Arogyam team. Religiously following the plans and modifying her Lifestyle started the journey of Weight Loss. 

As journey proceeds she started feeling lighter and her Knee pain start getting better . Moreover her  attacks of Migraine were also controlled .

She lost around 15.7 kg in 6 months and is now completely rejuvenated herself and enjoying a Healthy life and bunches of complements regularly .

From her journey it is believed that ------------

"Whatever we are Eating or Drinking , we are either Feeding the disease or Fighting it."

Team Aaarogyam Wellness


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On: 15 Jul 2016

How to start and from where to start , I was 88 kg when joined Dr Richa \'s Arogyam Health & Wellness Centre as advised by a friend in September, 2015. Being an Engineer ,35 years old and a height of 176 centimetres   had an idea that  nobody can make my weight reduce , it is just wastage of time and money . First week reluctant to start, but by pushing and motivation of both my friend and Dr Richa Garg , I followed the plan as it is and you wont believe I lost almost 1.2 kilos. I was shocked and was feeling ecstatic .Was feeling that I have found the lost Wealth, that is my aim of becoming Slim and Smart .Here we get such realistic plans based on our choices and profile that it makes the path easier for becoming well and slim . I never felt hungry and week , was always motivated and in over three months of following the program lost 11 kilos and is completely energetic and smart . Here I came to know that not only Obesity but various other Lifestyle Disorders like Diabetes , High Blood Pressure ,Heart diseases , Thyroid , PCOD and others can be controlled and treated by Nutrition and Healthy eating .I sincere request the persons   who are suffering from these lifestyle disorders should follow the plan and I am assure you will get rid of the lifelong allopathic medicine which is required to control it . The best part here is that they have designed the program in such  a way people anywhere in the world can get access to it .I am really thankful to Dr Richa Garg and her team for guiding me and getting rid of my Obesity .

Long ago I heard from my teacher that if you wanted to go somewhere than find a person who has already been there . So I think that I have already got rid of my problem and I can assure you Arogyam Health & Wellness centre would be a key for getting rid of the Obesity and Lifestyle disorder management.


Thats why this  Centre is being rated and searched as Best Diet Consultant  and Best Weight Loss Consultant on google.com.

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On: 25 Apr 2016

Hello everyone,
Here is one more 
                                            Star of Arogyam!!!
                                              Nikita Aggarwal
                                       From : Bhiwani (Haryana)

Have a look at her reviews after joining our Program.




It was very nyc journey.. i reduced almost 12 kgs in 6 months.. best part of joining this programme is this- I have learned to maintain my diet accordingly..which helps me to maintain my weight till now..thanks to Dr. Richa and her team..for their support and guidence.... :) :) :)

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On: 27 Jan 2016

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On: 20 Jan 2016


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On: 23 Dec 2015


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On: 14 Oct 2015


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On: 13 Oct 2015

Here is another SUCCESS STORY which has proved no matter at which stage you are, 
Always a NEW BEGINNING can be done.

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On: 22 Sep 2015

Before I join here I was in a dilemma, but now I am feeling satisfied that I choose a proper place to be fit & healthy. 

I tried few means/methods that include fasting/starvation/skipping meals to reduce my weight but could not achieve. However I never thought someone can ever lose weight by only eating correct food and maintain proper time.

Best part with Arogyam was there was No Starvation, No Monotonous Diets, No Medicine and offcourse No Strenuous Exercise, I could never have imagined to have lost weight just with balanced diets and correct timings. Also it was easy to cook as there were no fancy/costly items. Diet plan was simple, easy to prepare with ingredients which are available in Indian kitchens and were well customized seeking ones requirement like outings/meetings/parties and eating habits.

In my life time I always avoided salad, soup & fruits, but now my food system has completely changed. 

I have reduced my weight by about 9 kgs within 4 months.

It has been a wonderful experience with Dr.Richa and Arogyam. I thank her and her team whole heartedly and am extremely happy with the experience and will now try to maintain the weight. Especially thanks to my wife on whose initiation, I got in touch with Arogyam.

Warm Regards
Ajay Hooda

Captain Indian Navy

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On: 02 Sep 2015


A renowned Radiologist Dr. Ajay Mundra From Kurukshetra , Haryana, 
Lost 18.4 kg in 4 months.
A TRUE example of hard work dedication and submission.
Followed the program religiously and adopting all the provided tips and lifestyle changes.


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On: 01 May 2015

April 24, 2015

Dear Dr. Richa Garg,


I thought  that I should  write and express thanx to you and tell you about my recent Weight Loss success and its post effects.

Within 6 months (April 2014 to September 2014) , I have been successfully able to keep 18 kg of baggage off. I am able to wear clothes that I thought would never touch my body again. I also have just reached my goal size for my upcoming brothe's wedding. Even my husband had to admit that I am looking much prettier than when he met me five years ago.

My success has been contributed to faithfully following Arogyam Weight Management Program religiously every day. Wherever I go, so does my health plans. To work, shopping, even my long 7 hours long car rides (that does make for a lot of rest areas stops, but they are worth it.) I do treat myself to an occasional mineral water when I go out, but I have usually gotten my quota of water in for the day.

I am looking forward to 
my brother's wedding day when I can walk down the aisle looking better than I have looked since long back. It will also be nice to put my weight on my new driver's license without having to feel shy for the first time in my life.


Thanks for the rejuvenation and making  me confident and beautiful!!!!


Rachna Goel 


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On: 24 Apr 2015

Its an opportunity to introduce one of our precious gems Mrs Satvinder Kaur, age 45 yrs hailing from a small town Faridkot, Punjab. A very happy person at heart ..Always Smiling and Charged up.. Encouraging herself to do the best and standing like a pillar in managing the hospital of her Medico husband. Despite of having Hypothyroidism and
Abdominal Hernia, joined AROGYAM for a Weight Loss journey .
Her weight loss journey was also not easy because of the above mentioned Medical Issues. At times she too was demotivated in between but under the continuous guidance ,

supervision of of TEAM AROGYAM round the clock, monitoring her progress and ensuring her comfortable with everything in the journey. Gradually reduce 20 kg in six months. 

with dedication of workout and controlling bad food habits and wholeheartedly following our program. She also now adopted exercises and proper healthy diet as a part of life.
For her Workouts and Exercise now are as vital as are brushing the teeth .
Now her confidence is back and looked radiant and discovered qualities of herself that she has never known before. 
At last feeling Super fit ,Energetic Confident and Satisfied and wanted to continue this lifestyle.

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On: 03 Mar 2015

I still remember the days when I used to try many things in order to get rid of this fatness which once became a constant source of headache for me. But my every trial was in vein. Then I heard of this Aarogyam Health and Fitness Centre. This centre has really provided me a good way of living. Now I am absolutely fit and fine woman. By simply having control over my diet and doing some of the exercises I have loosen so much and that too only in three months. I have never thought of such fantastic and instant results.
Now my ears are fed up of hearing good and healthy compliments. Now even i am not scared of attending any kind of party which earlier used to be my favourite haunt because of fatness. All thanks to Aarogyam Health and Fitness Centre. Thank You So Much! I am really very grateful to you.

I also want to share my experience and the change I saw in myself after joining Aarogyam Health and Fitness Centre 

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 17 Aug 2013
Richa Garg
Dr. Richa Garg
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