Post Delivery Health and weight loss program (Get fit with baby)
Post Delivery Health and weight loss program (Get fit with baby)

Post Delivery Health and weight loss program (Get fit with baby)

Get Fit with Baby

Get back to your Pre Pregnancy Weight !

Are you longing to return to your pre-baby body but have no idea where to begin???

Giving birth is a life transforming moment for a woman. And it won't be wrong to say that for many, post pregnancy days are filled with insecurities and uncertainties. Sleepless nights, birthing scars, healing uterus and an unappealing body. In medical language it is termed as post-partum depression.

Almost every other women gains her weight after her pregnancy and every mom would love to leave her maternity clothes aside and slip into all her old and favorite jeans.

But you are not allowed to go for a  diet for reshaping as you are lactating. There is a great family pressure also, in which everyone focuses on baby’s health and you might feel neglected. At this time you have to take charge of your body in your hands. So dieting is not a good option for weight loss. 

Eating healthy is of utmost importance for  a new mother. A good balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins , minerals  is a must thing to meet the health needs


Holding on to pregnancy weight may lead to serious health Consequences down the road, putting you at risk for Chronic Conditions like heart disease and Diabetes. and weight loss is important not just for new moms but for babies too. Going into a future pregnancy at higher weight can put both the mother and the developing baby at risk for medical complications, such as gestational Diabetes and Hypertension. 

Get Fit with Baby program is taking care of you and your baby as well. 

When can I start to lose weight/ weight loss?

Your body needs time to recover from having your baby. For weight loss, you should weight for 3 Months after pregnancy. After 3 months it is safe to loose your gained weight or weight loss. 

So, Get Fit With Program is always suggested after 3 months of Delivery.

Does breastfeeding affect weight loss?

If you are breastfeeding,
You’ll need slightly more calories. You’ll need around an extra 330 calories a day to have the energy to produce milk. However, some of these additional energy needs will be met from your body’s existing fat stores. 

This means that breastfeeding can help you in weight loss if you avoid taking in the extra calories required for breastfeeding, while eating healthily and staying active. Breastfeeding may even help you to keep your weight off in the longer term. So it is really easy to Get Fit with Baby without any complications.

It’s safe to lose weight (weight loss) when breastfeeding if you lose it gradually. weight loss between 0.5kg and 0.7 kg a week shouldn't affect the quality or supply of your breast milk, or your baby's growth. weight loss gradually will also make it more likely to stay off in the long run.

                            To shed extra fat and inches / weight loss
                            To retain lost energy after delivery
                                  To maintain lactation
                         To help you out from Baby blues
    To maintain iron , calcium and other micronutrients stores


Get fit with Baby Program is Suitable for :

  • All women delivered 12 weeks back either normal vaginal delivery or lSCS
  • Lactating mothers


One time Consultation : 2500/-

Get Fit with Baby (3 months) : 8000/- 

Get Fit with Baby (6 months) : 14,400/-

Get fit with Baby (Therapeutic Plan for specific issues) (3 Months) : 10000/- 

Get fit with Baby (Therapeutic Plan for specific issues) (6 Months) : 18000/-





Pricing Plans:

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